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!!NOTE: XBOX Controller is needed to play this game!!

Play as a Fire Djinn

Collect all 3 crystals
Maintain your health by burning trees and converting it to soot

UPDATE: 08/ September/ 2015

Bug fixes:

  • Sign post doesn't disappear when interacting
  • Bridges stay built when changing between levels
  • Double music being played fixed
  • Fire easily found in Graveyard Level
  • Appearing outside correct portals when exiting levels
  • Can now Finish the game by collecting all 3 crystals
  • Doors in Forest now open once key is collected
  • Timer fixed to one decimal point
  • Game Over now gives hints on how to improve

Made by 5 Students:
Timothy Sutcliffe
Desmond Sutcliffe
Kirilee Steep
Jacob Marriott
Michael Kercselics

Development Blog:


Ember 5.1 Online.unity3d 37 MB